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Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-Ez Impact Bullet Puller

 Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-Ez Impact Bullet Puller imageWhen you’re reloading bullets and you need to pull bullets from brass casings, an impact-style bullet puller tool is the easiest and most simple method to do so. It just takes one sudden *wack* and the bullet is comes off from the case, catching the bullet inside.. It is as easy as that. Three different sized collets are included allowing you to pull bullets from almost any caliber, from 22 Hornet to 44 magnum, both rimmed or rimless. Versatility like this makes this bullet puller very convenient to have.


Customer Review:

5starsBy Jimmy Blevins


This sort of puller has been around for over 25 years. It was basically the old green Quinetics puller, which around then it turned out, was under patent. It’s currently off patent and seems to be transformed under numerous names. I accept RCBS bought Quinetics. I examined both the blue Frankford and the green RCBS side by side and they are indistinguishable in each way (same form even!) aside from for the color. This is a time-demonstrated outline. Top notch in each way and tasteful in its straightforwardness. The Frankford accompanies 3 collets, yet you truly just require the one 98% of the time. I acquired this to dismantle a mess of 7mm Mag cartridges that might not load (belted Mags are unpredictable to reload…) 2 or 3 whacks and the projectile and powder are sitting inside the puller chamber. Who might make a request for additional? I quite suggest this thing as a vital instrument for the reloader.

Affordable, adequate and straightforward to utilize. Pulled some test bullets a couple of coincidental loads with no preparation. Worked incredible everytime. Yes it takes a couple projectile ‘pulls’ to improve the best possible strategy however after that 3 whacks on a normal pleat will discharge the shot. NO they don’t prescribe utilize on plant ammo. So obviously I did. Desired to contrast and my particular tight crease. Assuming that the shot is realy pleated in there plan your quietness. I suspect it took.about 30 strong taps. Might additionally be my structure was the situation. Then again, this sort considerable crease force is not what the instrument is intended for. Tried with 45 ACP. I visualize the surveys where individuals would be unable to resolve this investigated and racked the ‘duh’ element. I didn’t have an issue. Effortless directions on an effortless device. Depending on if you cant resolve this apparatus by the directions you may need to re-think reloading your particular ammo all as one.

Got this via the post office yesterday and kicked home and off utilizing it. The explanation for why I gave it 4 stars is the guidelines are a touch impalpable, I deciphered it yet they might be stated a touch clearer, perhaps its just me. Any avenue I have been reloading for a brief period of time so I had around 20 diverse shells, some gun, some rifle, and it worked simply fine on all gauges I attempted it on It, appears as though it will keep going a while, I trust, provided that you utilize it the way it is expected to be utilized.

I as of late grabbed a 7.62×51 DPMS and in addition to that I discovered a “bargain” on 400 rounds of surplus ammo. Snappy advance around 60 adjusts into shooting the new plinker while getting the whole lot located in and I have an awful case burst, from the preparation pocket half far up one side of the metal. Fortunately both the firearm and myself were fine, however it was foundation for caution.

Any time I got back to my fathers house he proposed we pull down the remaining rounds and recuperate the bullets, metal we’d see depending on if we might discover any feeble connections. I’ve done a modest spot of reloading yet I’ve never needed to draw down a round before so I had no clue what was included. at what point I was given a “plastic mallet” I inquired as to whether this was setting off to work? Well let’s just state I was shocked.

I used the following small while (probably 90 minutes) unscrewing the top, sliding the aluminum retainer over the shell, screwing it all back as one unit and whacking opposite a lead piece. Most rounds were one hit ponders, a couple took 2-3 yet I ascribe that to the military sealer the same as the pleat on the slug. I did this to ~300 rounds, give or take.

In the event that I needed to figure the ordinary utilize for this sort of hardware presumably doesn’t incorporate tearing down 100s of rounds one after a different one, well I trust for your situation it doesn’t anyhow, yet that didn’t back it off one touch. It worked flawless. I was somewhat concerned regarding the elastic O-ring that keeps the shell retainer as one yet just once in every last one of the rounds I tore down did I erroneously pull it separated, its sturdier then it looks and keeps preferred then I suspected, really that tries for the entire device.

I’m constructing out my first reloading setup and this is an instrument that I may have ignored barely being new to the expertise set. Depending on if you reload this is an absolute necessity.

Presently here I am, with the effect puller in my truck and trusting I don’t have to utilize it again… yet assuming that I do, I know it will take on anything I hurl at it and will press on to do so.


Speedy -snappier then you’d need -most rounds take 1-2 hits

Tough -being plastic I wanted to snap the finish of this off on the first swing, its constructed to final

Simple -slide retainer over shell, drop into sledge, tighten top, swing & rehash.

All inclusive -appears as though it will fit most cases effortlessly. .308 still had 1-2″ of room.


Seal between shell retainer/lower/cap might be a touch untidy -with the utilization I was putting it by way of I observed I was getting a mite of powder passing up the shell. This was effortlessly remedied by cleaning the strings of the top. This is an extremely slight fuss and was more probable because of me needing to need a 2nd swing and shaking the powder up a spot.

5 Stars, depending on if you suspect you require one purchase it, depending on if you reload purchase it. Assuming that you’re haphazardly perusing reviews….. Welcome!


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