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Hornady Powder Cop Power Check die


  • Must have when reloading bullets.
  • Works with all types of gun powder
  • Helps monitor and verify the reloading process
  • Similar or identical to the ones used on commercial presses
Product Description
Install on your progressive press after the powder drop station to automatically check dropped charges anytime you are reloading bullets. Checking powder charges on your progressive press might be demanding, and is here and there disregarded, in spite of the fact that its an important practice. Hornady utilizes a comparative unit without anyone else’s help ammo producing presses. It won’t reinstate cautious consideration, however aides screen the reloading procedure. Works with all powder sorts, cartridges, and reloading presses.
5starsCustomer Review: By Dave. R
This reloading die isn’t just fantastic to have, its almost a must have.It checks powder with a pole. If you are reloading bullets and you truly care about the quality and consistency of your rounds, this is a must have. This bar drop into the case and lists a little white O-ring at the top of the bar above the die form. You watch the position of this O-ring, and assuming that it doesn’t go to the same tallness every time, you know there is a diverse volume of powder in the case. An undercharge appears as an easier O-ring. A cheat will have the O-ring well above where you’ve chosen to list it. That would be all there is to it.The burn out ought to be degreased with liquor, or something comparable, preceding utilization, so no powder parts will adhere to it. Use a dryer sheet to take any static out of within the kick the bucket form and the pole.The die, and segment parts, are well made out of ferrous steel. You’ll need to do the same rust aversion you do on your other dies/steel devices; whatever that may be.As of now there are several comparative die that do Powder checking. This kick the bucket, the RCBS comparable (which may be even more effortless to set up) and one that bolts the press when it recognizes an over or under charge.What’s great regarding this die is that you can see what amount of powder is in the case, if it be over, under or rightly charged. Extremely convenient to twofold check how well your powder measure is flinging. It’s much less demanding than looking into the case. To such an extent, truth be told, that is its most likely worth the value of the bit the dust.

I’d prescribe this kick the bucket, or comparable one, for the aforementioned reloaders that have the space on their press, dynamic or turret, and get a kick out of any chance to be squared off in their reloading methodology.

In the event that you need to fiddle around with a die, you can most likely change a Lee Universal decapping expire to perform powder check roles. Obviously, it might work out for you, and it won’t be prepared right out of the crate. Nonetheless, assuming that you reload a mess of distinctive bores, the value differential may make this methodology suitable.

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