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Lee Precision Deluxe .223 3-Die Rifle Set

Lee Precision Deluxe .223 3-Die Rifle Set reloading bullets
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  • .233 3-Die Rifle Set
  • Comes In a Convenient plastic Case
  • Easy to Transport and Store.
  • Essential for reloading accurate, straight shooting .223 rounds.



Product Description / Review

The Lee Precision 223 3-Die Deluxe Set comes with the Full Length Sizing Die that requires regular lubrication, just as any die set would. Also included is a  Collet Die that re-sizes the bullet after expansion in the rifle champer. There is also a Dead Length Bullet Seating Die for seating the new bullet head, and also a Universal Shell Holder. Of course, there is also a Powder Dipper and detailed instructions along with load data.  If you are going to reload accurate, hard hitting, custom .223 bullets, then this die set is for you. Of course, a quality set of Die are an important aspect of reloading bullets.

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Customer Reviews:

5starsBy Ben Langferd

I began reloading .223 rem bullets for exactness and accuracy. It is vital to do exact case prep for exactness likewise. This die permits you to neck measure just, which you can do assuming that you are reloading bullets for the same weapon in particular a bolt action. Neck measuring just moreover lessens the neck on your case making them equipped to reload longer. Additionally you can utilize the full length case die for an uniform plant item. In the event that you are not conscious, this likewise works for 5.56 ammo, which has the same outside dimentions. I have reloaded over 2000 rounds and the aforementioned dies perform much the same as the day they were new. In the event that you are new to reloading, verify you lube your cases or you will get one stayed and be requesting another die.
This is an easy die set to use. The adjustments are easy and simple if you make accurate measurements as you go. I highly recommend this set for reloading bullets.
My dad used the previously mentioned die since they were engineered. He was a benchrest shooter ( planet shoots ) and had every last one of the the dies RCBS, Hornady and the one’s dependably in his turret were the Lee dies! The main thing I wish they might do is put a locking nut so you can secure them. Extremely precise. Im beyond any doubt that some of folks are shaking your heads stating no no no however the fact is that they construct a great steady feature for a value that the regular Joe can purchase and produce extraordinary value ammo! Much thanks to you Lee for a great feature.I have a couple of Lee items. This unit is truly extraordinary and assembled most fittingly reloads you was able to ever need in a .223/5.56. The Lee Precision Deluxe .223/5.56 Die Set is a heavy weapons specialist’s closest companion and they are constructed strong. You will spare so far cash on reloading your particular cases. Besides you can utilize the powders you feel works the best for the shooting style within reach. The directions and outlines Lee gives you are an in addition to. I prescribe this feature for any bullet reloader.Check out our other die reviews for reloading bullets!

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