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Lyman 1200 Pro Sifter (115-Volt) Brass Tumbler

Lyman Pro Sifter (115-Volt) brass tumblerWhen reloading bullets, a tumbler is a necessary tool in order to get clean, functional brass.  The Lyman 1200 Pro tumbler features the same capacity as our standard 1200 model at an even more affordable price. The “built-in-Inchsifter lid for quick and simple media separation saves you the cost and time of using a separate media sifter. The convenient 1200 Pro holds over 2 lbs. of media and will clean about 350 brass cases per cycle, depending on the type of brass casings that you are using to reload bullets.



Customer Reviews:

5starsBy Mikhel


I realize the importance of a good tumbler to effectively reload bullets.  My past lyman tumbler went terrible after numerous years of utilization.  Purchased this one in light of the extraordinary aid my other unit gave me. My main situation is that it did not accompany media. At the same time that was not a genuine situation since I had media close by. Depending on if you resolve to purchase this unit be cognizant that there is not any media with it.Outside of that I such as the tumbler so great.

I purchased one of these around a year prior. Worked extraordinary For 12months. The engine wore out. I dont know what number of hours I utilize it, however it was a great deal. Great bargain for the cost. Depending on if you utilize it a mess, get something greater and preferable.I have utilized this around 20 times thus far. I suppose it is an amazing item. The main upgrade I might like is an inline switch. Anyhow I can bargain without it.Not counting for the absence of a robust spread, the unit worked well and is quieter than needed. might suggest to associates.Does what it assume to do. Can’t make a request for more than that. Makes old packagings look new inside and out.Generally speaking, this reloading projectile Lyman 1200 tumbler cleans metal the way they were intended to sparkle.



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