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Reloading Safety

Before beginning the reloading process, its important to cover few safety items.111

1. Exercise care and common sense at all times.
2. Don’t become distracted when you are handloading.
3. Never load in haste. A careless mistake can be serious.
4. Use equipment as manufacturer recommends.
Never take shortcuts.
5. Store powder in a cool, dry place at all times.
6. Never use a powder unless you are positive of its identity.
7. Never substitute smokeless powder for black powder.

8. Never use your specific powder data for any other powder types, it is brand/type specific with similar numerical designations.
9. Keep powder away from heat and open flames.
10. Never smoke while handling powder.
11. Keep powder out of reach of children.
12. Don’t mix powders.
13. Don’t keep more powder in an open container than
you need.
14. Observe all maximum load warnings in handbooks.
15. Work up all new loads starting 10% below the
recommended maximum charge weight, then work up from there.

16. Examine every case before loading to insure it is in good
17. Watch for indications of high pressures in establishing a
new load, you’ll notice squired primers.
18. Never use smokeless powder in firearms designed for
black powder.
19. DO NOT use steel shot in any of the shotshell loads listed
in this guide.
20. Use of safety glasses while reloading is recmmended.
21. Clean up any powder spills immediately. Use dust pan and
brush to clean up powder. Dispose of it in accordance
with recommended procedures.
22. Make sure powder container is empty before disposing of
23. Consult suppliers of components if you have any
questions about their use.
24. Check powder charges regularly to insure using proper
powder charge weight.
25. Develop a routine for reloading to guard against mistakes.


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