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Hornady Improve Shell Plate (357 Sig, 40 Smith & Wesson, 10mm Auto)


  • Features the new improved shell plate.
  • Works with both Hornady’s Lock N Load AP and Pro-Jector bullet reloading presses.
  • Smooth wide radius at the mouth guarantees proper functioning for smooth reloading bullets
  • Will hold additional calibers with the same case head¬† dimensions.



Customer Review: By Arbeck54

The feature sent immediately and was bundled fine to not work toward getting harmed throughout shipment.¬† If you’re reloading bullets and looking for a smooth consistent shell plate, look no further. The value was great and they had them in stock. Most spots I checked had the aforementioned on delay purchase for months. Works exceptional -For what it is the value is a spot towering yet you can’t utilize your new AP press without it. My new lock and laod framework is unbelievable. Plates and burn out holders are the route to go. This machine beats my old RCBS all to disgrace.


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