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RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit Review

I had my very first introduction into reloading bullets about 2 decades back throughout the Christmas holidays when I helped my brother-in-law reload and range 9mm,.38 Special and.357 Magnum cartridges. At that time our demand for reloading was dictated by lack of money. Now reloading bullets is a hobby. .Anyway, […]

Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller

Made with the user in mind; Ergonomic smooth handle with rubber insert for comfort and grip. Fits a full range of calibers from tiny 5.7 X 28FN to the big Magnums. Safely discharges loaded rounds quickly without damage to bullet or case Traps the bullet within the cap. No mess […]

Lee Precision Deluxe .223 3-Die Rifle Set

  .233 3-Die Rifle Set Comes In a Convenient plastic Case Easy to Transport and Store. Essential for reloading accurate, straight shooting .223 rounds.  

Hornady Electronic Reloading Scale

Super accurate. Weighs to the 0.1 of a grain Includes two calibration weights for precise measurement 1500 grain capacity for big loads Large easy to read LCD display Includes 220V adapter   Hornady Electronic Reloading Scale

Lyman 1200 Pro Sifter (115-Volt) Brass Tumbler

When reloading bullets, a tumbler is a necessary tool in order to get clean, functional brass.¬† The Lyman 1200 Pro tumbler features the same capacity as our standard 1200 model at an even more affordable price. The “built-in-Inchsifter lid for quick and simple media separation saves you the cost and […]

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-Ez Impact Bullet Puller

When you’re reloading bullets and you need to pull bullets from brass casings, an impact-style bullet puller tool is the easiest and most simple method to do so. It just takes one sudden *wack* and the bullet is comes off from the case, catching the bullet inside.. It is as […]

RCBS 3-Die Carbide Set (9mm Luger)

Carbide Die Set comes with of a Carbide, Seater Die, Sizer Die, and Bullet Seater Plug. Made from case hardened carburized steel. Precision-drilled and reamed to the same precise exacting standards as high reloading quality demands. Full-Length Sizer Dies for bottleneck cases (such as .223) have vents to prevent damage […]

Hornady Powder Cop Power Check die

Must have when reloading bullets. Works with all types of gun powder Helps monitor and verify the reloading process Similar or identical to the ones used on commercial presses

Hornady Improve Shell Plate (357 Sig, 40 Smith & Wesson, 10mm Auto)

Features the new improved shell plate. Works with both Hornady’s Lock N Load AP and Pro-Jector bullet reloading presses. Smooth wide radius at the mouth guarantees proper functioning for smooth reloading bullets Will hold additional calibers with the same case head¬† dimensions.

Frankford Arsenal Master Tumbler Kit

When reloading bullets, clean, attractive brass should be the goal of every reloader, novice and expert alike. Cleaning brass by tumbling is by far the most economical, safe first step in reloading high quality handloads. A smooth case ensures long life for the most valuable component of your ammunition, cleaning […]