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Hornady Electronic Reloading Scale

Hornady Electronic reloading Scale
  • Super accurate.
  • Weighs to the 0.1 of a grain
  • Includes two calibration weights for precise measurement
  • 1500 grain capacity for big loads
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Includes 220V adapter


abuynowHornady Electronic Reloading Scale

Made from the same normally expected high quality, precision load cell found on the much acclaimed Lock n’ Load Auto Charge, the high performance Lock n’ Load Bench Scale is a great add on to your bullet reloading set-up. The Hornady Electronic Reloading Scale has a capacity of 1500 grains, you can weight powder, bullets, cases, cartridges and more. The large LCD display is easy to read and weighs precisely to a tenth of a grain.  Grains, as you know, are much smaller than grams, so this is simply astonishing.  Two weights for calibration are included, AC adapter, 220V adapter and metal gun powder pan are also included in the Hornady Electronic Reloading Scale.


5starsBy MikeD.

Easy to use. Accurate -at any rate it matches my offset pillar readings. Easy to zero out. Simple to balance in the event that you have the guidelines. It has 2 focus adjustment and the cal weights fit into small pockets on the scale itself.

This is old gadgets. The presentation has a restricted review point which is a touch badly arranged for my setup. It has no electric storage device and needs to be connected to the mains, moreover a minor disturbance. I lost the manual and can’t find it at Hornady’s web space.

A scale this delicate might as well conceivably stand on an extremely large, extremely level independant seat. A large portion of us have it beside the reloading press which would not joke about this going float far from zero after a while. In the event that you work along these lines, you simply need to receive that you need to rezero oftentimes. It serves to put it on something hard and even, for example an extra tile with a mouse cushion under it.

A trick to get more exact readings:

Assume the scale peruses 4.0gns. That might be at whatever location between 3.95gns to 4.049gns. Put two charges on the scale immediately and it will demonstrate 7.9gns, 8.0gns or 8.1gns and you know if you are under, close or over.

You can truly get the following decimal place by stacking 10 charges immediately. In which case 10x 3.97gns will peruse as 39.7gns. This likewise upgrades precision by averaging and stifling a percentage of the variability between charges.

I acquired the scale with auto loader on top, Its OK yet doesn’t work well out of the crate.

There is an interior conformity to fine tune this thing however the manual doesn’t let you know that.

You need to head off to Hornadys web space, head off to the scale page and click on added items to see the headings for fine tuning the food.

Out of the crate the scale continued over-burdening 1-2 grains against all odds.

I might propose this to manually measure powder. I have not had any issues with this so far and the two weight cal framework keeps it correct. I might suggest this scale. the scale touched base beyond plan and It works perfectly. it is an incredible buy for reloading or measuring extremely little things. This is an incredible scale that I use to measure powder weights that I use in reloading shotgun shells. It is easy to use and the operation of the scale is practically totally instinctive. It had been prescribed to me by alternates as top notch and I might comprehensively concur. Verify its on a level surface and zero it and you could be great to go. Super touchy however just verify your watchful.

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