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MTM Ammo case

MTM ammo case review pic* Outside dimensions: 8.75″ (L) x 15.5″ (W) x 9″ (H) Inside dimensions: 7.5″ (L) x 13″ (W) x 7.25″ (H)
* O-Ring seal; Ideal container for geocaching
* Designed for stacking
* Rugged polypropylene plastic
* Durable and moisture resistant

MTM ammo case review

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This O-Ring sealed container molded from ruggedized polypropylene plastic with a reinforced base is rugged, durable and moisture resistant. It is additionally as extremely versatile as it is strong. It can be made use of for bulk ammunition, decoy weights or even meals for your canine searching companion. It provides a heavy-duty latch, double bolt tabs and formed in piling ridges for slip insusceptible piling. Stands ups to 30 pounds and can be used for storage in wet basements. Makes an optimal geocaching container because of its colour, O-ring seal, and rugged construction.

I would certainly not suggest for a circumstance where you will be tossing ammunition cans around, i.e. a combat situation. If you wish cost-effective storage and an acceptable strong transport could at a fair rate then this is it. You will not locate these cans on the field of battle however I am certain you will discover them in gun safes, storage space closets, log cabins, and insect out autos across the U.S. I only ordered one so that I can check it out – I will be buying additional.

hornadybuynowThis plastic box might not be as durable as a GI steel ammo could but it is challenging sufficient to load complete with ammo and hold with each other. If you are not going to place this though ruff handling after that this will certainly be enough as an ammo storage space can. I use both of the MTM cans I purchased industry storage space box’s to hold cleansing supplies and chemicals (cleaning solvents, oil etc).

I finally got my hands on one of these. I awaited concerning a month and a half and could not discover one anywhere. The gun run is spilling over in to accessories similar to this one. The impatient person that I am, I chose to order among the Plano ammo cans, but it showed MUCH smaller compared to this one, see photos for contrast. It can only hold a couple of the MTM Ammo boxes I got to place in this (as imagined). Those, nonetheless, had to be bought from ebay, they are on a long back order on Amazon. General impressions, great deals of room and you could match A LOT of the ammo cans which is specifically what I was seeking. The latch system appears strong sufficient and the deal with is tough. Up until now, I have concerning 500 rounds in there with 2 publications and it is holding up excellent, I absolutely don’t feel like that amount of weight is visiting endanger its stability. It has two lock holes and this is where I knocked it down a celebrity; if you do not have two locks on it, you can effortlessly lift up the the opposite making it quickly accessible for a grownup hand and DEFINITELY a child’s hand. Also, if you have a lock that is to long you have the very same problem. I obtained a number of smaller baggage locks and place them both on this can, issue solved. Granted, it’s not visiting be impassable, it’s plastic, but little ones should not be able to enter. I smile with this acquisition, the ammunition boxes are a fantastic addition for the individual (like myself) that adores organization. I highly recommend this ammo box!


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