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Hornady Powder Cop Power Check die

Must have when reloading bullets. Works with all types of gun powder Helps monitor and verify the reloading process Similar or identical to the ones used on commercial presses

Hornady Improve Shell Plate (357 Sig, 40 Smith & Wesson, 10mm Auto)

Features the new improved shell plate. Works with both Hornady’s Lock N Load AP and Pro-Jector bullet reloading presses. Smooth wide radius at the mouth guarantees proper functioning for smooth reloading bullets Will hold additional calibers with the same case head  dimensions.

Frankford Arsenal Master Tumbler Kit

When reloading bullets, clean, attractive brass should be the goal of every reloader, novice and expert alike. Cleaning brass by tumbling is by far the most economical, safe first step in reloading high quality handloads. A smooth case ensures long life for the most valuable component of your ammunition, cleaning […]

Hornady Improve Shell Plate ( 30 Luger, 9mm Luger, 9X21, 9X18 Makarov, 38 Super Auto, 9X23)

If you’re looking to smoothly reload bullets, the new addition of a smooth radius into the mouth of each bullet shell holder around the shell plate helps ensure smooth reloading.  Especially when the shell plate is used with the Lock N Load Case Feeder. In addition, the angle on the […]

Hornady 85003 Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press Kit REVIEW

Abstract Looking to reload bullets tailored made for accuracy and precision? The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Kit conatins pretty much everything you need to reload those high-quality, accurate hitting reloads. Although a single stage press, it is made for speed and ease. the Lock-N-Load Classic press allows you to switch […]

MTM Ammo case

* Outside dimensions: 8.75″ (L) x 15.5″ (W) x 9″ (H) Inside dimensions: 7.5″ (L) x 13″ (W) x 7.25″ (H) * O-Ring seal; Ideal container for geocaching * Designed for stacking * Rugged polypropylene plastic * Durable and moisture resistant


Handloading for Competition by Glen Zediker REVIEW

In another post, I suggested the Lyman Reloading Handbook for beginner to intermediate bullet reloaders. But what if you’re looking for something a little more advance? If you’re already a competent reloader, and looking to increase accuracy of your rounds, I would suggest looking into Handloading for Competition by Glen […]

Advanced reloading techniques

1) There are a number of advance reloading techniques. The one most popular alternative method to reload bullets is one in which makes ammo that only fits a specific gun and made so tightly to that guns bore diameter that accuracy is improved. The idea is to take fired cartridge […]

Lyman Reload Handbook Review.

Ill do my best to explain how to reload on this site, but for everything else, I recommend this book          The Lyman Reload Handbook first guides you through the reloading process and explains all of the components and important terminology.  It clearly highlights the most important parts and steps. […]